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Lawn Maintenance

Tree and Shrub Care, Lancaster, OH

Tree and Shrub Care

Not every lawn treatment company knows how to properly keep shrubs and trees healthy and strong throughout the year. LawnApps, serving Lancaster, Ohio, and all of Greater Fairfield County, specializes in caring for our residential and commercial customers’ valuable trees and shrubs. Our goal is to provide the right applications to address each plant’s specific needs in terms of damaging insects and other issues. You benefit from the professional tree and shrub analysis of LawnApps’ owner, Chad Galloway, who has more than 23 years of experience caring for golf course turf, trees and shrubs (13 years as a course superintendent).

“I’m passionate about what I’m doing here…I want to see good results and have my customers see the value of treating their lawn, trees and shrubs. Let me help make the first impression of your property a good one!”

We proudly serve customers in Greater Fairfield and surrounding communities.
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