Aeration and Overseeding, Lancaster, OH

LawnApps, serving Lancaster, Ohio, and all of Greater Fairfield County, can provide your lawn with a custom treatment program that includes aeration and overseeding – two important lawn care techniques that add to the health and beauty of your property all year long.

One of the most beneficial practices for your soil (relieves compaction and allows water and nutrients to reach roots easier), which will allow your grass roots to thrive, making a much stronger plant.

Incorporates stronger varieties of grass that will survive harsh summers. Along with aeration and overseeding, your lawn benefits from the responsive service of LawnApps’ owner, Chad Galloway, who has more than 23 years of experience caring for golf course turf, 13 years as a course superintendent.

“The best chemical you can have is a healthy strand of grass. Thick lawns will crowd out unsightly weeds and be more resistant to harmful diseases and insects. Much like a person that is vulnerable to sickness without proper nutrition, plants respond much in the same way.”

We proudly serve customers in Greater Fairfield and surrounding communities in Fairfield County, including Pickerington, Canal Winchester, Lancaster and Logan.

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